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You will board the SEA VENTURE in Pacific Harbour at the Pearl Resort jetty where you will proceed out into Beqa lagoon. Depending on the prevailing wind and swell conditions we will either head for Shark Fin Passage or one the abundant protected reefs near Beqa Island.

Relax on the upper deck and feel the wind in your hair as the SEA VENTURE lifts out of the water onto its unique hydro foil fins and accelerates to speed. Don’t forget your camera as you will be enthralled by the spectacular views of Beqa and the surrounding smaller islands. The lagoons seductive warm waters with its ever changing colours from iridescent blue to opalescent jade green will beckon to you.

The SEA VENTURES massive 2 meter x 3 meter viewing port unveils the splendour of the reefs unbelievable abundance and variety of marine life in detail. The diverse and vivid colour combinations of the reef fish defies description, it is as if they are competing with the numerous surrounding hard and soft corals to see who has the most brilliant colour display. The many different reef fish species making their homes among the profuse coral formations is astounding, you never know what you will encounter as everyday will be different.