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Discover Fiji

Fiji is located in the legendary South Pacific Isles region and is sought out by travelers seeking to find their own sense of paradise.

The Fiji Islands are renowned for its warm tropical climate, swaying palms, inviting cobalt blue waters, spectacular scenery, idyllic lifestyle and its welcoming friendly people making Fiji one of the worlds sought after holiday destinations. The island nation of Fiji is comprised of approximately 332 islands mostly uninhabited and over 500 islets and lagoons.

The Fiji Islands are famous worldwide as a premier dive locations and is considered as one of the ultimate bucket list must dos by all diving enthusiast. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the celebrated underwater explorer, naturalist and conservationist named Beqa Lagoon as the soft coral capital of the World.



Fiji has a warm and tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 26 degrees C to 31 degrees C year round with cooling ESE trade winds blowing for most of the year. The wet season extends from November to April and is characterized by brief but heavy down pours. Cyclones do occur in Fiji but are usually restricted to the wet season and the annual rainfall is around 2000mm to 3000mm on the coastal areas and up to 6000mm in the mountainous highlands.

Dress for the climate with day and night casual comfort in mind. T shirts, shorts, airy light cotton dresses, short sleeve shirts and comfortable sandals are ideal and is all you will need along with your swim wear. Jeans and a light jacket are all that is required for the cooler months (June to August) or for when out on the water during the evenings.

Traditional sulus also known throughout the Pacific isles as pareau, lap lap, lava lava, or sarong are ideal casual wear for both men and women. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are a must when out in the sun as are a pair of crocs or reef walkers for when swimming or snorkeling around the coral outcrops and reefs.

6 Day Weather Outlook for Pacific Harbour, Fiji

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Fiji is known as the “Isle of Smiles”

Fiji is known as the “Isle of Smiles”

FIJI is a multi-cultural nation with a population of 800,000, it’s a unique mixture of indigenous Fijians, Indians, Chinese, Europeans and the resulting blending of cultures with English being the accepted language.

Fiji is also known as the “Isle of Smiles” for its warm and friendly people who will meet you with a big smile and the famous BULA greeting. The pure Fijian spirit and culture is alive and thriving as is evident in their everyday lifestyle, arts, crafts, music and dance (or meke pronounced meckae).

Visitors should be aware not to offend local cultural sensibilities. Ultra brief swimwear and revealing clothing is acceptable within the resort confines but definitely not for village visits or when in public spaces and shopping in the towns.

As far as personal safety is concerned Fiji is considered to be one of the safest holiday destinations in the world, but as in anywhere else in the world situational awareness and commonsense should always prevail.


Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways

The Fiji Islands is also the central gateway to other regional south pacific island nations and has regular air services by many international airlines. But as we are patriotic Fijians we will naturally promote our own international carrier “Fiji Air” as our preferred airline. Whatever airline you choose to use your arrival point will either be Nadi International Airport or Naisori Airport Suva.

Pacific Harbour is situated on the Queens Road approximately 2½ hours from Nadi town (Nandi) and 1¼ hours from Naisori Airport Suva. You can self drive by hire car which are available from the major hire car companies or from one the many local hire car companies that service both airports. Please Note; In Fiji we drive on the right side of the road the same as in Australia and New Zealand, and you will need your current and valid driver’s license from your country of origin.

Local buses and modern coach lines have regular scheduled services to and from Pacific Harbour. Most resorts and hotels can arrange to have a valet car service to pickup and drop off guests at both airports, enquire about this optional service when making your room reservations. Taxis, mini bus and taxi vans are always available at both airports and are an economical and safe way to travel.

If you are in a hurry and have a budget to suit you can fly by light aircraft or helicopter to the Pacific Harbour airstrip conveniently located just 5 minutes from town.

Fiji Air Arrivals